Ellen Rimbauer`s

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Ann Neeley McGowan

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John P. Rimbauer, a Seattle oil baron, built Rose Red in 1907 for his beautiful wife Ellen.  Ellen loved her home and made a life long career of adding onto her beloved mansion.  Ellen created many bazaar rooms, such as the mirrored floor library and even stairs leading to nowhere.  

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However, Red Rose had a mind of its own and began to possess all that Ellen loved including her daughter April, her husband and many of the mansion servants.  Finally Ellen told the few remaining servants to leave and she stayed in the house for the time she had left till she too disappeared.  Even after the last of the Rimbauer family was gone from the house, it still continued to expand on its own.

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Ellen kept a dairy of all her years in Rose Red and still today she can be seen in the windows of Rose Red with her candelabra and her diary in hand.

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Ellen Rimbauer is an OOAK Gene Raven repaint.  Ellen is the artist’s conception of the lady of Rose Red mansion based on the Steven King movie “Rose Red”.  Ellen has had all factory paint removed and a repaint with high quality paints and sealers.  She had a shampoo, crème rinse and  hair styled by the artist.  Ellen has captivating amber colored eyes with shadows in rose and dark brown with golden highlights on the upper brow.  She has had a complete new facial blushing and shading of the mouth and nose for contrast.  The artist has also added blushing for breast enhancement.  Ellen’s lips and nails are of course a beautiful “rose red”.

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Ellen’s costume was designed and created by the artist.  She wears a beautiful gown made of deep red and burgundy roses with black shading.  Underneath she wears hose, black panties, black slip and black leather ankle boots.

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Ellen’s jewelry is antique silver look with deep red enamel roses.  Ellen has a hooded cape for the nights she dares to venture outside the mansion.   She also has her 5-candle candelabra and her diary which was handmade in black leather with a 3 dimensional rose on top.  (Diary made by detail artist John Linville).

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